At present the computerised estimation program is being used which makes estimation fast as well as very accurate. This is complimented by a two post hoist in the estimation area so that no stone is unturned when looking at a damaged vehicle!

All the best in welding technology is being used and any factory weld can be simulated by one of our many welding machines.

The preparation is done in a well ventilated and dust free area. Boom arms ensure dust free dry sanding can be done for fast and effective preparation. Our extraction units ensure an overspray free environment.
A paint thickness gage is being used to determine preparation techniques.

With some of the most skilled staff colour matching is never a problem. The colour mixing equipment has a complete range of formulas and variants for any vehicle of any age.

All paintwork is being done inside our downdraft / oven combination spray booth for a dust free and smooth finish. The best in HVLP paint application guns are being used to ensure the highest transfer ratio possible.
Working with paint safety comes first and all painters have to wear protective clothing as well as respirators at all times. A spray gun cleaning machine is used for all post paint cleaning to ensure the least amount of solvents possible is being used. Our compressor unit ensures a constant clean and cool air supply to the entire workshop.